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Get to know Joelle…

Did you see the quiz blog I did with Kara a few days back? Well,  I answered my own questions and here they are…  *Yes we are a dog obsessed family. 😉 hehehe. 
My family
Job role… Mummy, Blogger, Stylist + Wedding Lover
Favourite colour… Grey or green but mostly grey.
Favourite ice cream flavour… I have favourite flavours from different brands. Mint choc chip from Baskin Robins and its Pralines and Cream from Hagen Daz. But I recently gave up dairy so now I’m into coconut based ice cream and slightly obsessed with Nobo ice cream. (which you can buy in Spinneys and it’s dairy free.)
Things you love… My baby Adeline, my dog children, my husband, kale salads, shoes, wine, documentaries, eating out, my shark iPhone case from Stella McCartney, Pinterest, weddings (obviously) flowers, table decor, chocolate, DIY upgrades, my Nutri bullet and bags.
Things you hate... Slurping, being really late, bad drivers, traffic, running out of avocado, having nothing to wear, animal cruelty and mean people.
Favourite store…  Maje, Sandro, All Saints, West Elm, Nook Concept and Spinneys. (I think everyone I know visits `spinney’s at least 2-3 times a week. I need a loyalty card.)
Favourite beverage… Champagne, smoothies, green juices, coffee, wine and H2o. *not in any particular order.
Favourite flower… Omg, this is the hardest question ever!!!
What are you reading right now… I don’t have time to read but I do binge watch food related documentaries on YouTube during nap times. Does that count?
What are you watching right now…  The Affair season 3 and This is Us. Oh, it’s so good!
What are you scared of…  My baby girl growing up, losing everything I love, falling over in heels, Adeline’s world in 50 years, and not being a good mum.
Who is your mentor…  My husband Nathan. He is my rock, my best friend and has been nothing but supportive in everything I do. I can’t imagine my world without him.

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