Getting arty with Blue Eye Picture ♥

This afternoons blog is written by Dubai wedding photographer Gregory Grytchenko & Dorota J.Williams from Blue Eye Picture.

One of my brides recently referred to Gregory as an artist, which I thought was the perfect description for him. If you meet Gregory you’ll soon realise that he really is an artist, and a very passionate one at that.  The photography packages he offers include a leather bound album, the usual edited photos and if you’re really lucky he’ll include something like this…
For those who seek a more intricate wedding album, our Fine Art Wedding Photography in Dubai is perfect for those who are looking for a more elaborate presentation of their wedding photos. With the use of creative composition, camera angles, lighting practices and advanced post-processing techniques, we create one-of-a-kind images that are visually captivating and brimming with emotion. Our repertoire of filters, textures, presets and brush strokes all together form a unique but powerful skill set capable of creating countless photo effects of only the best quality. – Gregory
Our post-production treatment and artistic vision, along with your beautiful photos, will result in exquisite and tasteful photo manipulations that are otherworldly and extraordinary. Expect professional-grade results only from the best wedding photographers Dubai. – Gregory
Our technique is unique and unlike any other; think of us as painters and our photos are our canvasses. We carefully use each stroke and color to create only the most beautiful image for you, full of beautiful detail and vibrancy.- Gregory
BLUE EYE PICTURE - ART PHOTOS BLUE EYE PICTURE - ART PHOTOS If you’re looking for something a little more creative, then this could be just up your street. For more info check out www.photographerdubai.ae
Have a lovely Thursday everyone… and happy thanksgiving to all my American friends! 😉 #MyfriendPat

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