Getting festive with E-Walls in Dubai…

Oh my gosh… I have to admit that I’m just a little bit obsessed with E-walls. Vinyl stickers that you can stick pretty much anywhere… amazing!? E-walls have a lovely collection of festive stickers to brighten up your home. If you’re celebrating Christmas and can’t squeeze an 8ft Christmas tree into your one bedroom apartment then I suggest a vinyl sticker is the way forward. You can’t not have a tree during the holidays, it would be so wrong! OK so by the way, I’m totally obsessed with Christmas.
If you read yesterdays blog post you’ll know that I love this festive season. This year it’s white, silver and gold. Last year we had purple and silver, so I’m swapping the pop of colour for a more classic (but modern) colour scheme. I told you I like Christmas 🙂
E-walls delivered my stickers to me last week and it took all my will power not to put them up until now. What do you think? It’s adds a festive touch without disrupting my usual home décor.
E-Walls - Stickers for your wall
For all my lovely readers who don’t celebrate Christmas you can find so may other stickers for your own celebrations. Click on over and have a browse now. http://www.ewalls-s.com
Happy National Day my lovelies…

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