Getting married in Dubai?

So you just got engaged, you’re high as a kite on love and you’ve already started a new Pinterest board called ‘my wedding’. You’ve shared your news with all the family, text all your friends back home and after 24 hours you’ve announced your news on Facebook and changed your relationship status. Obviously you wait a full 24 hours because you don’t want to look over excited about being the future Mrs X. This time in your relationship life is one of the best; the excitement of being a future wife, wearing a sparkly diamond ring and being able to search for wedding dresses online knowing that you can actually buy one… it’s amazing! The dream is real my friend, the dream is real.
So you’re engaged and you’ve stumbled across my blog. Thank you so much for stoping by. It was this time 4 years ago that I was planning my own wedding and started my blog to help others plan their wedding too. Back then there wasn’t much else online in Dubai but fast forward 4 years and the industry has grown, there are new blogs and websites popping up all the time, and if you want to be in with the cool kids you’ll need an Instagram account and at least 500 followers.
I know, it’s overwhelming which is why for the past 4 years my blog has been a resourceful tool for so many couples (I say couples but I’ve if a few very cool grooms reading my blog too) and I guess I just want to remind everyone that I’m here to stay. Having a baby is a new chapter in my life and I want to document it like I did with my engagement, my wedding, and my journey to motherhood. And for my readers who are new weds, maybe my mummy blogs will become a must-read for them too.
So if you’re getting married in Dubai, congratulations. You’ve chosen a wonderful city to marry in and I hope Amy and I can help you plan your big day. Have a browse around the blog, go back a few years (scroll down for the archive section) or use the search bar to help discover old blogs. Believe it or not I have published over 1000 blogs on MLW.
So i’ll leave you for today and wish you a very lovely Sunday.
I’ll be back tomorrow with my newborn life style shoot.
Love and hugs…

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