Guests’ Etiquette – by Masha @ Fabulous Day Weddings & Events

Hello Lovelies,

Today I’m bringing you some great tips by wedding planner Masha at Fabulous Day Weddings & Events. This blog is more for the guests attending your wedding, so if you have anyone who’s a little crazy, or maybe renowned for being late… just send them the link 😉 or copy and paste the text?!
Fabulous Day Weddings & Events - Dubai wedding planners featured on My Lovely Wedding Blog

  • Make sure to RSVP on time so the couple can have a final guests count to make necessary arrangements with the venue and suppliers.
  • Read your invitation and unless you are invited with “and Guest”, only you should be attending. And do not call the couple to ask if you can bring a date.
  • You should always bring a gift whether it is a personal one or off the registry.
  • Most of the weddings start later than planned but it does not mean you have to be late too. Plan on being there few minutes earlier to get a good seat.
  • This might be obvious, but make sure to silence your phone as to not interrupt the vows or any other important part of the ceremony.
  • There are millions of colors to choose from for your evening attire, do not wear white or ivory; the only lady wearing white should be the Bride.
  • Ladies – try to steer clear from wearing black as it might be taken as a subliminal message about the union.
  • Having a guestbook helps to remember all guests who attended, do find time to leave a nice wish for the new Mr. & Mrs.
  • Get on the dance floor and party, every couple wants to see their guests having fun – do your part.
  • Remember to find the couple’s parents and introduce yourself, thank them for a lovely evening.

{Photography by  Arkadiy Sukhanov for Wedding Planners; Fabulous Day Weddings and Events.}
This made me giggle while putting together the blog post. Some of the tips are so common and you never really know how important they are until you’re a bride-to-be yourself.
I hope you have a wonderful day my lovelies, and an even better weekend! Back soon…

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