Happy Couples by Blue Eye Picture ♥

Dubai wedding photographer Gregory and I met earlier this week at The Address, Marina. We are neighbours, well kind of, I guess it depends if across the water counts as ‘neighbours’. Anyway, we met, and what planned to be a 10 minute catch up turned into a 1 hour chat about weddings. Yes, I actually hear my job!  I hadn’t seen Gregory for a few months so I had to fill him in on married life and just generally catch up. It really is so lovely to share ideas and experiences with someone else who has the same passion for weddings as I do (and is male lol) Gregory is very creative, maybe not so good at words… but who needs words when you can take pictures like he can? It’s always a pleasure seeing this talented photographer in Dubai, and I feel rather lucky to be featuring all 3 of these gorgeous brides on My Lovely Wedding. Wedding photos rock!!
So if you’re looking for a wedding photographer… then give my friend Gregory a call on 050 539.5937 or email him at office@blueeyepicture.com 
The first real bride feature will be coming up soon…
Back later with some very stylish branding by Elizabeth Andres.
Joelle x


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