Happy National Day from My Lovely Wedding!

Good afternoon lovelies –
Happy National Day weekend everyone…we hope you are all finding a fabulous way to enjoy the festivities and the time off! I have to say we are super duper proud to call the UAE our home here at MLW! I personally moved to Dubai when I was 13 and have gone through everything from high school to my first job and most importantly getting married here in this beautiful country. Truthfully it has become more familiar to me than Scotland for that very reason and I am so grateful to be surrounded my sun, sand and sea everytime I come home.
My husband and I decided to get married here in Dubai because it was where we built our life and every little part of the journey has been wonderful. I met Patrick in Dubai because like a lot of expats he was offered the opportunity to further his career here and I can’t help but think that if Dubai wasn’t the way it is then I might not have met my hubby! Thank you Dubai! We were both fortunate enough to have had great jobs, a lovely home and a safe place to live and in this day and age that it truly something to count your lucky stars for.
I was also just thinking about it, without the ambitious and forward-looking character of this country we wouldn’t have incredible entrepreneurs like Joelle thriving here. So thank you UAE for making My Lovely Wedding and Lovely Styling possible and to Joelle of course for living here 🙂
Furthermore one of my favourite things about Dubai in December has to be the AMAZING weather and it couldn’t be a more gorgeous time a white wedding – our lovely Joelle will be styling not one BUT two beautiful weddings this weekend so make sure you keep an eye out for some pretty pictures that we can’t wait to share with you.
So from us to you we wish you a very Happy National Day and if you are planning to get married here we would have to say you have made a truly excellent decision! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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