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Have Your Cake and Eat it Too…Ideas for Your Wedding Cake

So the last two weeks have been a little crazy for me and I have finally finally forced myself to sit down with my laptop and do some proper wedding planning. Only problem is that I got hungry. And when I’m hungry I want cake. Mmm cake. So naturally I started searching for “cake inspiration” on Pintrest and I have to say I got pretty excited. As one does.
Time and time again brides pay loads of money for the traditional wedding cake because “that’s just what you do” and I have to say that this is one rule that I would really like to break. There are SO many other ideas that you can swap in place of the classic tiered wedding cake and still have your moment for the camera.  Some of you – like Joelle –  might not even like cake that much (cue gasp of horror) and would begrudge spending that amount of money on something that you’re not even that excited about.
So with this is mind and with the fact that at My Lovely Wedding we believe in making your wedding uniquely you, we had a look at how you can break the mold and venture out with these alternative wedding cake suggestions.

Cupcake Tower
Firstly – yum! This is an easy way to still have the whole ‘husband putting the cake in the wife’s face’ moment AND it is easily sharable so saves you waiting for the caterers to cut it up and serve it so your guests can just get stuck right in. Quick side note though – this can be quite cutesy so probably something to check with your other half first!
Say Cheese!
If you’re more savoury than sweet how about swapping out layers of cake for wheels of delicious yummy cheese? This has become pretty popular and for good reason. Cheese is the kind of thing that people can pick at it and keep coming back it and can easily be added into the dessert display.
Dessert Tower
For me, no I will never turn down a good piece of cake BUT what I really love is when I have a little taste of loads of lovely little desserts, I mean come on a little chocolate mousse here, a little creme brûlée there what’s not to love? This can also double as your dessert bar and could save costs in serving each guest dessert individually.
Pick your favourite and run with it!
What’s your favourite dessert as a couple? Do you go for donuts every Saturday as a treat? Or do you love splitting a chocolate brownie every date night? For example, every night my husband and I split a KitKat, I know we’re so cool. Why not talk to your caterer / cake provider about doing something special with your sweet treat of choice and let your personality as a couple shine through.

So there you go, I hope that gives you a few ideas – don’t be scared to break tradition, spend money on something you are actually going to enjoy and most importantly have fun with it 🙂
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