Hello! I'm a mummy!

Hello Lovelies,
So you may of noticed from my social media activity that I’ve had baby!! That’s right, I’m now a mummy! Before I give you the low down on her early arrival I want to give a massive shout out to Amy for manning MLW and keeping the blog going on my behalf. We are truly a team of two now and I can’t imagine MLW without you.
OK….. so I’m very excited to introduce you to my daughter; Adeline Michelle Clute. She was born on the 9th March at 8.16am at City Hospital in Dubai. She came a few days earlier than expected which threw me off as I hadn’t quite finished my work handover for Amy.
Due to the position she was lying in I had a C section scheduled for the 12th March, but for some reason I had a gut feeling she would be coming early. I don’t know why but I did, even from day one.  Adeline had been lying side ways (Transverse lie) for about 8 weeks  and I didn’t have high hopes that she would move any time soon. I assumed she was comfortable and didn’t want to move. I was told that if I did go into labour before my scheduled C section I should go to the labour ward asap. If my waters broke it could of been dangerous for me and the baby because of the way the baby was positioned.
So guess what…. On Tuesday 8th March I decided to treat myself to a facial and a wonder around the mall. Despite being tired, huge and uncomfortable I had to leave the house as I was getting cabin fever. At around 11am I started having a few mild cramps which only lasted 30 seconds. This continued for the next few hours, and even while relaxing in my spa robe having a facial at The Address Dubai Mall, I was having the same tightening cramping feeling as I did before. By the time I got home I had slight back pain , so I decided to put my pjs on watch TV. At this point I really wasn’t sure if the cramps were Braxton Hicks (fake contractions) or actual contractions. I kept an eye on my cramps but by 5pm I decided to call my doctor and just ask if I should see her, or what to do. The last thing I wanted to do was be a drama queen and waste anyones time.
So I called Dr Elsa’s clinic and the nurse called Dr Elsa to explain my situation. About 10 minutes later I had a call back and was advised to come straight to the labour ward and get checked. Luckily for me, Dr Elsa was already at City Hospital with another patient so she checked me over and to my surprise I was already in early labour so they advised I should stay in over night to check my waters didn’t break. As mentioned before my scheduled C section was planned for Saturday 12th, but it was rescheduled for  8am the next day. I was slightly shocked, but so excited. I immediately called Nathan and asked him to get on the next flight home from Riyadh.  So I called Rupa (Adelines nanny) and she came to the hospital with my bags. I really didn’t expect to go into hospital on Tuesday evening and have my baby the next morning. I was overwhelmed and suddenly felt unprepared. I hadn’t put my out of office on, I had to cancel my nail appointment. My head flooded with a list of things to do and people to contact. Nathan arrived at the hospital at 1.30am. He was so lucky to get a flight as everything was booked up, but thanks to Emirates and the kind person on the phone they managed to get him a seat. We talked most of the night, it was so hard to sleep knowing I would have my baby in only a few hours.  A mix of nerves, excitement and emotions took over and so did the hunger pains. (you’re not allowed to eat before surgery, and with no real dinner in my stomach I was hungrier than usual)
At 7.50am on 9th March I was taken into surgery to be prepped for my C section. The C section itself didn’t hurt at all (thank god as I was completely numb from the chest down) but the after pain was something I did not expect. No one tells you how painful it is, and I think it’s because despite the pain, you’re floating on cloud nine and the feeling of love sort of takes over. That’s the only reason I can think of why people don’t tell you how hard it is, or maybe they don’t want to scare you with the truth. I think I’ll stop writing before I go into too much detail.
So here we are…just over 4 weeks later and I have a healthy beautiful baby girl and a fabulous scar for life. Being a mum is incredible, and yes it’s hard. I’ll be blogging about motherhood from time to time but for now I think someone needs some milk.
Back soon my lovelies…

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