Hello. I'm a wedding stylist.

Good morning!
Yesterday was a big day for me… I styled my first big photo shoot with the help from some amazing suppliers in Dubai. We did the shoot at Al Badia Golf Club which started around 10.30am.  Two large tipis were set up by the guys at Canvas and Wood, and looked perfectly in place on the Al Badia lawn. FYI the tipis take a full day to set up… as you can see they are pretty big.

Sarah C did the photography, and from what I saw yesterday it looks AMAZING! Love Lucy captured it all on film, this is a bit top secret but there is a reason why we filmed it. 🙂 The lovely Natalie from Elizabeth Andres designed the stationery for all 4 themes and the flowers were provided by  Vintage Bloom. They created some beautiful arrangements. Overall an amazing shoot with some amazing suppliers!

I managed the shoot and brought everyone together to create something rather special. If you’re a regular reader you will know that I love tipis, maybe it’s because I’m a country bumpkin at heart, or maybe it’s because they can be transformed into something magical. It frustrates  me that I can’t share the pictures with you right now, or any of the details for that matter, but you and I will just have to be patient. (I promise it’s worth the wait)

I can however share a few of my own images… I must admit that I’m not used to running around on my feet for 10 hours straight in 35c heat. I really didn’t look pretty at the end of the day lol. I got home at 9pm with sore feet and a smile on my face.
I’m going to put something together for you lovely readers about tipi weddings in more detail, where you can have a tipi wedding, how you can style it, why it’s an affordable option for any bride and what Canvas & Wood and I can offer you as a team.
But for now, I better go… I’m currently blogging in my pjs. I have back to back meetings all day so better get ready. Not sure pjs are suitable for a meeting at Marina mall. 😉 x

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