Introducing Amy… my lovely bride-to-be

Well, howdy.
When Joelle approached me to guest blog my road to “I do” for My Lovely Wedding, I was absolutely ecstatic. Not only do I get to be a part of this fantastic website that Joelle has built into a small empire (yes I am a little biased) but I get to share every inch of the journey with my best friend – what more could a girl ask for?
I’ve only just started to realise that getting engaged means planning a wedding so who better to be by my side to keep me sane. I mean apart from my husband-to-be of course.
So right now you might wondering who on earth I am and why you would want to read about my story. Here’s a little introduction to l’il old me.
As Joelle mentioned, I am a born Scot and bred expat brat, spending half my adult life in the desert here in Dubai. The discussion of “where are you from?” usually comes with a lengthy explanation about my strange accent and queries as to whether I rode camels to school and lived in a bedouin hut. Unfortunately neither are true.
Joelle and I met through our family – my big sister Claire used to work with Joelle’s stepmother Tarini but funnily enough it took us a few years to spend some one-on-one time together before the magic began. In fact, I believe our friendship really got going when Joelle came to me to borrow my PR skills when she was in the early days of setting up her baby. I don’t know how much they helped, she seems to be pretty famous now, just sayin’, but I got a best friend out of it so that’s a pretty good deal for me. It’s also pretty sweet that her husband seemed to love my boyfriend so we’ve spent many a night eating and drinking lots together as a little foursome. Good times.
Photo Booth Wedding - Dubai
Back to me, my background is in Public Relations as I said and I spent four years working with all kinds of fun lifestyle brands such as boutiques, restaurants, hotels, and start ups here in the UAE and the wider region. While I have loved my time in the corporate world, where I was lucky enough to meet a multitude of creative personalities  and inspiring individuals and gained a wealth of experience, it has come to my time to start a new chapter with the support of a pretty awesome man at my side.
And on that note my fiancé Patrick (still can’t get used to saying that!) and I moved to Bangalore, India in March and it’s been a wonderful adventure so far – for one it includes getting engaged! We have a running joke that he realised I could survive three weeks in India so he decided to put a ring on it before I changed my mind. But I’ll tell you all about that a bit later on.
At the moment, you can usually find me in a yoga studio or writing my own ramblings about doing yoga at I started Ashtanga yoga in October and have been absolutely hooked ever since. I also love eating Indian food, exploring my spiritual side and of course spending time with my fiancé so I guess you could say I’m doing my own little Eat Pray Love 🙂
After being a bridesmaid to my two older sisters and watching Joelle create her dream wedding I have to say I am pretty gosh darn excited to be a bride. My tables are already filled with wedding magazines and inspiration books not to mention Pintrest having a way of cropping up on my screen intermittently.
So here we are at the start of the yellow brick road to the Emerald City of wedded bliss, I hope you’ll join me along the way and looking forward to sharing this all with you.
Thanks for reading…


So ladies and gents, there you have it… Amy’s first blog post as a ‘bride-to-be’. Isn’t she just lovely?! I’ll be back tomorrow with some DIY inspiration for your Dubai wedding.

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