Hello March! {A personal update}

Hello March!
OMG how is it the middle of March already? The past 8 weeks have literally flown by. I’m so busy that I wake up with a drowning feeling on a daily basis, however I love every minute of it! I just wish I had more time to clear my everlasting ‘to-do’ list. I’ve been trying to set up a mail chimp newsletter for over 3 months now and I still haven’t got round to it. LOL….. one day I promise.
So let’s round-off the first two months of 2015.
January was great. I got back after a two week vacation in Canada and dived right into my first wedding in Abu Dhabi. I then had a few weeks in-between my next wedding to move house, and plan for the next wedding. As you may know I moved to Satwa at the end of January and so far I really love it there. It’s changed my workday; now I do my crafty errands after 5pm and manage to get some exercise in too. My doggies are also loving having a garden too.
At the beginning of February I attended the Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi wedding showcase, which was a lovely event. I styled two tables and promoted MLW to a bunch of new brides. It was also a good chance to catch up with fellow wedding industry friends too.
Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi - Wedding Showcase - Goldfish Photography & Video
Not long after I styled Hoda & Khaled’s wedding on 20th February at Dubai Equestrian & Polo Club. It was the weekend of the sandstorm, so made for an interesting set up. We had to move the ceremony from the terrace to a small grassed area but it actually worked out much better. I tend to think that everything happens for a reason, and usually things always work out well. Working in events means you can’t let weather or delays get in your way… you get the job done no matter what. So after a few stressful hours the team at Mayflower Flower Shop and I set up a beautiful wedding for a bride and groom.
Rock on one week later and I was back at the Dubai Equestrian Polo Club for the Agareed’s big party. It was a one year celebration and the girls at Agareed went all out to make sure it was a fun filled evening. Managing director Clare Ebbs gave a lovely speech and even mentioned my name. I was kind of responsible for bringing Clare and Aghareed together. I didn’t do much but it’s lovely to think that I was remembered for my match making skills. 🙂
The following morning I was back to set up for the 2nd annual Wedding Fair organised by the Leisure Group Properties. It was a fabulous day and probably the prettiest wedding event I’ve ever been to. I’m not going to go into details as I plan to post another blog with lots all the details and pretty pictures soon.
Bernard Richardson
So to round this update off I’m going to leave you now while finish my cheese and pickle sandwich and head off to my next meeting.
Back soon my lovelies.

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