Hello New Mumma – 5 Questions with Claire @ Goldfish Photography & Video

Hello Lovelies,
I’m finally back in Dubai and have no travel plans for the foreseeable future. Wahoo! It’s been a busy summer but the ‘meet Adeline tour’ had to come to end and I’m excited to get back into a regular routine, and with wedding season fast approaching I think one may be rather busy. Last weekend I landed in Dubai and the very next morning we had packers in to move us to our new home. I’ll fill you in later but I’ve managed to get some computer time to finish off this blog for you today. {Believe me, it’s harder than it looks with a baby and a to-do list the length of a A3 piece of paper} Anyway, I’m here today with the lovely new Mummy; Claire. Like me, she’s a new mummy and works in the wedding industry. She’s one of the many talents at Goldfish Photography & Video.
New Mummy blog - Claire at Goldfish Photography & Video
How’s life as a new mum?
Life as a new mum is….crazy, amazing, exhausting, testing, and most of all it is full of love and new experiences…becoming a mum has changed everything. I had a wonderful pregnancy, I loved being pregnant, but my birth was traumatic and scary and makes us even more thankful to wake up to our little boy’s smile every morning. The whole experience is like nothing you can ever imagine, but I could never imagine doing anything more worthwhile. Emmett Jude has brought so much love and joy into our world and we love him dearly.
How old is your baby?
Emmett is 18 weeks old, and a little larger than the average baby, which we love 🙂
New Mummy blog - Claire at Goldfish Photography & Video
Whats the best and hardest part about being a new mum?
The hardest thing is the sleep deprivation, it is tougher than you think…but the longer it goes on, the more you learn to function on 3-4 hours sleep. Lucky for me I have a wonderful supportive husband, so the shared responsibility makes things a lot more managable.
The best thing about being a mummy is waking up to his smile, listening to his coos when we talk to him, and watching him whilst he sleeps, wondering how he became so perfect! Sometimes my husband Paul,  and I, just sit and stare at him! An overwhelming sense of love takes over everything.
Has being a mum changed the way you work?
Being self employed, it is a task to ever remove myself from a working situation. I am constantly working, and being pregnant did not slow me down. I worked all the way through my pregnancy and even had my laptop at the hospital when I gave birth, I sent emails whilst Emmett slept and was still on events at 38 weeks, which I know I should not have done, but it comes with the territory of working for yourself.
Now, I try and allocate certain days and times for work, but it is so difficult as the little man always needs something. Now that the season has started again, we will be getting a little help since I cannot take him to meetings and events (as much as I would love too LOL) and Paul will be back shooting most days 🙂
New Mummy blog - Claire at Goldfish Photography & Video
Are you looking forward to wedding season?
Yes I am. The summer is always a quieter time so when September comes round again it is always good to get back into a busy routine. We are currently recruiting as it is a good time for our Goldfish family to expand and grow, so this is a really exciting time for us.
How do you think this season will be different?
I am hoping that it will be a little busier, the start of the year we found a little quieter than previous years, but I believe this was the same for others in the industry. We look forward to meeting lots more Brides and Grooms!
Thanks for sharing Claire… I just adore little Emmet and can’t wait to see you soon. If you’re a new mum or bride-to-be check out their website for photography & video info here: http://goldfishdubai.com/

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