Hello new Mumma – 5 Questions with Lilliam @ E Walls Studio.

Morning folks,
I hope you’re having a lovely Thursday so far? I’m back today with a little blog about my friend Lilliam. She’s truly an inspiration. She’s the owner of E-Walls and is about to launch a brand new laser cut collection just for the wedding industry. (yipeee!) Think wood signs, table numbers and lots of creative accessories. (More on this coming soon) Anyway, like me she’s also a new Mumma and working hard to manage both roles. It’s hard, and the busier I get with work the harder it feels. So I thought I’d interview my wedding side kicks and share with you today.
E-Walls Baby
How’s life as a new mum?
It’s pretty intense, actually. I’m having to split my time between my two babies (doggies), E-Walls and baby Troy! It is definitely more challenging that I thought it would be since there are not enough time in the day to do all that needs to be done.
How old is your baby?
Troy is 3 and a half months.
Whats the best and hardest part about being a new mum?
The best part is having the cutest little human to welcome me everyday with the biggest smiles ever! He is a poser, just like his mummy! And the worst part is not having the time to give full attention to the business and the baby. I’ve always been a workaholic and I’m finding it quite hard to balance it all.
Has being a mum changed the way you work?
I try to work more efficiently so that I can go home earlier and spend time with my dude, and when I am with him, I try my very best to give him my full attention and cuddles.
Are you looking forward to wedding season?
Absolutely!!! Now that we have expanded our scope of work, we can do so many other amazing things besides sticker signage and dance floor monograms! We can now also laser cut and engrave acrylic, wood, paper, leather… into the most amazing things! Totally overwhelming because there are way to many cool ideas and not enough hours in the day to make they happen!
How do you think this season will be different?
Since we started working with weddings, word got around and we are now the go to for many wedding planners. Also,there are so many more ideas and concepts being considered by the brides that we cannot wait to work on the most creatives ideas!
OMG how cute is little Troy. I think he may be perfect for our little Adeline. 😉 Just don’t tell Daddy. he he he. Thanks to the lovely Lilliam for sharing today.
Back soon!

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