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Hello Lovelies,
Today I’m very excited to introduce you to my new friend Vandana. She’s an awesome henna artist! It’s the first time in over two years that I’m featuring a local henna artist in Dubai. I have no idea why it’s taken me so long to do this but the day has finally come! Yipee!!! Vandana not only applies traditional henna but she’s an expert in creating designs made from pure 24 carat gold. #fancy
Her website has a lovely gallery full of extremely detailed henna designs. It reminds me of how much skill goes into applying henna, and how it really is an art. I don’t think I could do it 🙂
Henna artist in Dubai
About Gold Henna…
Gold, the most noble of the metals, sought after since antiquity for its properties, is present in nature in various forms: gold nuggets, granules, or flakes. Now, gold can become a thin film as never seen before (micro film, for experts), indiscernible yet even shinier than traditional gold since Gold Henna are made from pure 24 carat gold.
24 carat gold and 999 silver plus the adhesoive component used (also in the biomedical sector) make Gold Henna Jewels completely safe and and hypoallergenic: even the most delicate skin can wear 24 carat Henna Jewels. The metals used are the most noble and have no traces whatsoever of contaminates like nickel or other dangerous metals.
Henna artist in Dubai
The are certain pleasures that are so intense that they last only the duration of a sensation itself. A kiss, a chill, a flower, a butterfly, a 24 carat gold jewel…each one represents the height of a moment of intense beauty, absolute perfection. The uniqueness of a one time moment. And that’s precisely what makes them unique, they allow us to live between the memory and the desire that it will repeat itself again. 24 carat Gold Henna is a temporary luxury that punctuates our lives with gold and silver, because if beauty cannot be forever, then let it be every time we desire it.
For more information and bookings please visit  http://www.vandanahennaartdesigns.com/ 
Happy planning my lovelies 🙂 xx

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