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Here comes the groom… {A blog by Monica at MHG Beauty}

Here comes the……groom!?
Let’s not forget about the handsome groom. Yes, we are all jealous of the guys being able to hang out in the pool with friends, play golf and do many other activities on the actual wedding day. Then they just take a quick shower, get dressed and are out the door in 30 minutes or less.
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But, we want them to look amazing in the pictures as well, so don’t be afraid to suggest grooming for them. It is super-fast, can be done by the same makeup artist who is doing your makeup, and makes such a huge difference.
I love doing men’s grooming, there is no makeup involved except for the occasional dab of concealer to cover heavy dark circles. It’s all about moisturizing the skin, getting rid of dry lips and applying products to mattify the T-zone. This way there is no oily skin on the pictures. I also suggest having their hair styled this way, their favourite hair gel or hair product is evenly distributed so it looks flawless and lasts all day.
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I know it’s not always easy to get them on board with this because they might be afraid it involves makeup, but it doesn’t!
Remember there wouldn’t be a wedding without the groom.
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Makeup and hair for brides, Groom’s grooming by MHG beauty www.mhgbeauty.com
Photography by Bernie and Bindi Wedding Photographers http://weddingphotographerdubai.me

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