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Honeymoon Inspiration: Offbeat Safaris

So here I am on a Tuesday morning sitting in front of my laptop dreaming of gorgeous travel destinations and I thought what better time to tell you about Offbeat Safaris as an idea for your exotic honeymoon! I couldn’t quite believe my luck when Joelle asked me to write about this – it looks so amazing!
My husband and I have been chatting for what want to do for our honeymoon for months now – see the problem is I would love to be permanently attached to a sunbed on a beach somewhere (obviously) but my husband loves doing and seeing things and being active so we’ve been struggling to come up with a happy medium. Now here’s where a safari comes in as a perfect idea as opportunity to share a once-in-a-lifetime experience, I mean can you honestly think of a more unforgettable way to start your life as husband and wife than seeing lions and giraffes in the wild followed by retiring in a luxurious lodge at the end of the day?!
Offbeat Safaris houses four properties throughout Kenya including Offbeat Meru that is right on the edge of Meru National Park where you can see the famous Big Five and Offbeat Mara in the heart of the Masai Mara. I have been told countless times that Kenya is the number one destination for an authentic safari holiday and from the look of these pictures I can see why. What’s more is they are tucked away in the real wilderness away from the tourist buzz so you can have the lovely feeling of a secluded, romantic holiday.
If you and your hubby are up for a bit of an adventure Offbeat separate themselves by offering horseback safaris – yes you get to ride a horse and follow the animals! So you could literally be on your horse and galloping next to zebra in their natural habitat, talk about breathtaking. There is a a choice of three different trails and a mobile camping tent that follows you through the trip. Imagine sitting round a fire after being out in the wild all day. There is also the option to combine your horseback safari with a stay in one of the lodges in case you are scared of missing out on the romantic and luxurious side of your trip and all tours are guided and supervised by expert and experienced professionals.
Lastly one little secret for you guys is that Offbeat Safaris offers special deals for honeymooners with 50% discount on accommodation for the bride at their Sosian, Offbeat Meru and Offbeat Mara properties – just make sure you bring your marriage certificate and that your trip is scheduled within 9 months of getting married.
I’m going to be honest I am getting major wanderlust now thinking of being out in the open air with my hubby. Have you ever done a safari? Would you recommend it for a honeymoon? Let us know what you think.
For more information on how to plan your honey safari adventure visit Offbeat Safaris at their website here.
With love from your bride-to-be,
All images provided by Offbeat Safaris.

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