It’s the 1st April 2020 and our little world has been turned upside down by a virus. When I read that weddings and events had been cancelled for a few weeks my heart broke, 4 weeks ago I don’t think anyone would of thought this virus would be the reason out lives have dramatically changed. Events cancelled, ok that sucks, school cancelled for a few weeks… hmm ok. But it’s got worse. Fast forward a few weeks and things have escalated and we are staying at home, keeping our distance and self isolating. The economy is crashing, people are dying and quite frankly it’s so overwhelming I can’t get my head around it. I’m having weird dreams almost every night, my mind is consumed by the COVID 19 virus and I’m sad. My thoughts are with the small business owners, the freelancers and the industries that I know and love so much. The flower world is taking a huge hit and the more I read about it, the worse I feel. BUT we will survive and we will get through it. It will be hard and financially scary but it will happen.

So how can we support each other in this awful time?

Be nice, be social on social media and send virtual hugs. The only thing I have right now is my blog and I can use this to rave about my fellow wedding industry friends and maybe one day you’ll discover a new vendor for your wedding and perhaps my little blog made a difference for friend in this awful time? Does that make sense?

So watch this space. Over the next few days, weeks and months I’ll be sharing amazing content from Dubai based wedding industry vendors. Some cool vides, quiz blogs and personal ramblings just for fun.

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