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How to choose a veil – A blog by Kat @ Vanila Wedding Boutique

OK folks, so you have the dress but what about the veil? Or do you even want a veil? It’s rather confusing, and for a bride-to-be with a to-do list the size of an A3 sheet of paper, it can be a little overwhelming. I know, I’ve been there. After much debate I ended up not having a veil on my wedding day because of the style of my dress, but I do wish I had worn one, even just for a few photos. Anyway, enough about me. I’m here today with the lovely Kat from Vanila Wedding Boutique with a little blog about veils.
How to choose a veil?
Many of you might already have a wedding dress, but haven’t yet decided on the veil. Well, here are some tips and ideas for you to get acquainted with the veils in general.
A veil is such a unique bridal accessory, something that screams: “She is the Bride!” or “They are getting married!” and tells everyone around that it is not just a gathering, or a party. There are so many different types of veils so that one could get lost when choosing: with or without lace, with different lace patterns, with or without beads and sequins, different tulle types and lengths… – it is sometimes very confusing, but at the same time so tender and precious.
First of all let’s have a look into basics, you have to consider the following things:

  1. The dress (of course) which will help you decide on the length of the veil and it’s style.
  2. Your bridal hairstyle.
  3. Your personal preference.

How to choose a veil
Finding the perfect length
If you are not sure which length you want to choose yet, it is best to try different lengths while you are wearing your dream dress, so you can clearly see which length compliments the style and doesn’t break up the flow of your bridal look. The short style veils and bird-cages will give more personality to the style, more vintage and informal feel and something of 1920’s and funky. Some modern brides disregard the veil and go for a veil-substitutes – anything that reminds its shape and the idea but not real veil itself. It could be a great option for a vintage, non-classic wedding: for example, a headband with tulle light ribbons of different colors. Or same ribbons attached to the flower wreath.
The longer veils (chapel, cathedral length) will stick to the classics and bring more formality and tradition to the look but will be as trendy as they were many years ago. You just need to feel comfortable with it.
So, you’ve got to decide which direction you are tending more: formal or not?
 How to choose a veil
Finding the perfect balance
This doesn’t differ much from any other fashion direction to be honest and you can stick to the general fashion “rule”: if your dress is simple, it allows you to be more creative and adventurous in terms of accessorizing it, and vice versa a heavily embellished dress should be complimented by a simple and clean veil with minimal elements, otherwise it might look overburdened. The type of veil embellishment doesn’t have to fully copy the décor on your dress, rather just emphasize it in color, size or style. For instance a romantic wedding dress with pearls will not match with the glam veil with sequins.
Have a look at your dress, whether it is embellished or not, or simple and you can start your veil type search.
 How to choose a veil
What’s Your Hairstyle?
Before you proceed to choosing a veil, think a little bit about your bridal hairstyle, since it might influence your final decision on the type of the veil as well. For instance, bridal caps, Spanish style veils and mantillas will suit best those planning to have their hair down or low up-dos, while bird-cages and the veils with blushers should be placed in the upper part of your hair. Also don’t forget that you can place the veil either on top of the bun or under it, and the look will be completely different. Most of modern veils nowadays have the combs or special holes for the pins to be secured on the hair, so it makes your life a bit easier, but still you need to envisage and decided where you will be placing it.
How to choose a veil
Accessories as ad-ons.
Not only the hairstyle but also a hair accessory can impact the whole bridal look, so… if you have any heirloom item you want to see as a part of your bridal look, better try it together with the dress and the veil. And if you don’t, try different headpieces once you are a in a bridal boutique: since Spanish veils or mantillas are traditionally worn with the embellished combs, the halo veil will need a cap, headband or a wreath to hold and a bird-cage will go with any accent. And you can also use the accessories to either hold the veil, or keep it separately and just emphasize the hairstyle.
Hope, it was informative enough, if not, give us a call, and make an appointment to come over and see what we can offer we’ll help you choose the best veil.
Kat xX
Visit the website: http://vanilastudio.ae/ or call +971 50 785 8383 for more info!

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