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How to find a wedding planner in Dubai.

I recently attended a wedding event hosted by Arabia Weddings and Rixos The Palm Jumeriah. It was a casual gathering of some of Dubai’s most lovely wedding planners and for nearly two hours we got to hear how Carousel was launched nearly 10 years ago. Zainab, the creative mastermind behind every wedding is passionate, dedicated and extremely good at what she does. She’s in her own league. She has her own client and after hearing about how she runs her business it was even more clear. It also made me realise that I (My Lovely Wedding) has a particular clientele too, and it’s only now that it’s sort of hit me.
So with so many wedding planners in Dubai, how do you find the right one for you?
Here are my thoughts on what you should do…
1. Do your research. Visit websites, google search and be very nosey on Instagram. It’s likely that you’ll quickly find a planner that has your style, or has created weddings that make you go ‘Ohhhh that’s what I love’.
2. Get in touch. When getting in touch try to be clear about what you need. Do you need full planning, just styling or help on the day? Every planner offers different packages and at different prices so before getting into ‘can I afford a planner’ think about what you really need help with.
3. Social Media! Instagram is pretty much a must for every small business owner aka wedding industry professional so start your hunt there. Most vendors I personally work with are well connected so you easily hop from one vendor to another. But be aware that lots use images that aren’t there own and if you quickly browse through a page you may be fooled.
4. Make it personal! Hiring a wedding planner is like hiring a professional best friend. The one piece of advice I give my brides is ‘work with people you like’. It’s so important that you and your planner connect, and you trust them. If they are a good planner you’ll let me make decisions and guide you through the process of planning your wedding. Without the trust, it will cause more stress than either of you will want.
5. Money!! This is one of the biggest topics… the budget! Be clear from early on how much you can spend, or if you’re unsure then your planner will help you plan out a budget. I have a set styling fee which is clear from day one. I then prepare an estimated budget based on our first discussions and ideas, which is subject to change based on the decor elements that we end up using. My brides know I love nothing more than a challenge and creating pretty weddings without spending a small fortune is what I do best.
So there you go. I hope you’ve found this a little helpful today. Oh and if you’re looking for a wedding planner check out my vendors here…
P.S MLW has some exciting news for you… we now offer full wedding planning in Dubai!

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