Afternoon my lovelies,
Sorry this post is  a little late. I had a  very busy morning meeting lots of fabulous people, such as Olivier Dolz, followed by a quick catch up with The Ugly Duckling girls… Anna & Kelly, followed by a coffee with Denise from Heel Stoppers. 🙂
OK… before I babble on about my new friends I think I should introduce you to the amazing Canvas & Wood.  They are responsible for bringing tipi tents to Dubai!!!

There really is nothing else like this anywhere in the Middle East. Canvas and Wood  really are unique and, oh so very trendy right now. I wish I was getting married in a tipi 🙂 It really does make such a nice change from the standard marquee.(not that there is anything wrong with the standard marquee, I just really love tipis.)

I’m actually hiring these amazing wood tables for my afternoon reception and bar area. They are exactly what I’ve been looking for. 🙂

We are also going to hire a wood fire place too, I mean… seriously, how romantic is this???

This is it for now but I promise to be back with more tipi wedding love very soon! But if you can’t wait check out their website www.canvas-and-wood.com
Big love & wedding hugs…

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