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Innovative Hiring – A rental company you can trust.

Last week I met with Rebecca and Paul from Innovative Hiring at one of my favourite hangouts at Dubai Mall; Social House. I’ve been using Innovative Hiring since I started styling weddings, and until this day I cannot fault their service or products. In fact if it wasn’t for budget restrictions on some weddings I would use them every time.
After an hour of chatting about weddings, furniture and our small but very lovely wedding industry in Dubai, I realised that like me, Innovative Hiring has a niche target audience. They don’t have an inventory to cater for weddings of 400 guests, and a lot of their furniture is not suitable for large Indian or Arab weddings, so therefore their target market is aimed at smaller weddings, and of course corporate events too. One of the best things about working with Innovative Hiring is that they communicate well. The delivery guys all speak english, they always arrive on time and their staff are smart, knowledgable, and eager to please. They also have smart white trucks, and all of their furniture is covered, and well maintained. Believe me, it makes a massive difference to someone like myself.
Innovative Hiring
Partly why I’m writing this blog today is because I wanted to give them a massive shout out, and also stress that just because they may be a little (and I say a little) bit more expensive than other rental companies in Dubai,  the spend is totally worth it. You’re not only getting better service, but I can guarantee they will deliver on time and make your life that little bit easier. If you don’t have a planner or a stylist and are renting for your wedding in Dubai, then having a company that won’t let you down is something you defiantly need on your wedding day.
For more info and bookings please Rebecca at rebecca@innovativehiring.ae or call  048 832 833 | 056 179 1713
For furniture and prices check out their website: http://www.innovativehiring.ae

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