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Introducing Ana @ Nice Ribbon Atelier… {Cakes, cupcakes, stationery & candy bars}

Morning Lovelies,
Today I’m introducing you to a gorgeous new vendor; Nice Ribbon Atelier. Not only does Ana {founder of Nice Ribbon Atelier} have a Masters in Graphic Design but she’s also a highly skilled baker. Now combine both talents and you have a winner right?! Her work is so detailed and precise that it all makes sense knowing that she has a graphic design background… because the details are blooming gorgeous!!
Wedding Cakes in Dubai - Nice Ribbon Atelier Introducing Ana…
I’m Ana, a graphic designer with three passions in life: designing, cooking and baking.
I was born and raised in Mexico, a lovely place that I left in 2007, after falling in love with my husband Rafa. We got married and together decided to start a new life abroad, travelling across the world. The first stop was the beautiful city of Barcelona, where I did a Masters Degree in Graphic Design. After 2 and half years of living there, we then moved to Dubai. After working at a design studio for over a year, I realised that something was missing…I wanted to take creativity to the next level, and I wanted to do something that could combine my passions of designing, cooking and baking. So that´s how Nice Ribbon Atelier was born.
Nice Ribbon Atelier
I decided to have my own company, enabling me to create and design my things not just in paper, but also in edible materials…amongst other things, to create, shape and mold my inspirations in cakes!
While wedding cakes are one of our main products, we do all kinds of creative stuff, from designing wedding invites, setting out bridal shower candy tables, baking cupcakes for engagement parties, etc. Essentially, our aim at Nice Ribbon Atelier is to provide our customers with a complete experience where design meets food; not only baking the perfect cake, but also creating an ambiance for guests to have a wonderful moment…
At the end… everything is about the design, and if design could be eaten, what´s better than that!
Wedding Cakes in Dubai - Nice Ribbon Atelier
  *Photography by LIZ JVR Photography
For more information on pricing please contact Ana at +971 (0) 5588 62180 or email analemaitre@gmail.com
Website: www.niceribbonatelier.com
Happy planning my lovelies…

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