Introducing Blue Eye Picture

Good morning my lovelies ♥
Guess what, I have another fab photographer who’s just become a fav at My Lovely WeddingBlue Eye Picture
Gregory (the man behind Blue Eye Picture) and I met last week in the very swanky lobby of The Address Dubai Marina. Like most of the photographers I meet, we spend half the time talking about weddings , Dubai, general wedding banter and the other half about my blog. To be honest I had to win over Gregory, but once I did I knew I had found another photographer with amazing talent. Although he’s a little more expensive that others in Dubai, I think you’ll be impressed with his work. All of their wedding albums and books are custom made and printed in Italy. The whole thing is all rather swanky, and I like it.

For more information about customised pricing please contact Gregory@
P.S MORE on Blue Eye Picture coming soon.. I promise

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