Introducing Deneemotion… from London! ♥

Deneemotion have been featured on some of the top UK & US  wedding blogs , and now I have the great pleasure to feature them on My Lovely Wedding too. Deneemotion have a huge portfolio, and if you get the chance you should have a good browse around their website. You’ll get lost in wedding videos and 100s of photos from around the globe. Today I’m introducing you to this very talented team of photographers and cinematographers, and we’re starting with a beach side wedding in Dubai…

Nathalie & Omar – Blame it on Gili Islands from Deneemotion Wedding Cinema on Vimeo.
 I think this may be the happiest bride I’ve ever seen! It’s such a lovely wedding ♥

Getting to know Deneemotion…
How long have you been a wedding photographer?
We’ve been in the wedding business for about 10 years now and have a team of photographers (both male and female) and cinematographers to cover your wedding on a top-notch level, whether is a small private ceremony or a luxury event for 1000 people.

What made you want to photograph weddings?

The reason we started photographing and filming weddings around the world is the passion to tell stories to people, especially those in love. We always wanted to be Hollywood directors, now we can do that in our own way using latest equipment including cranes, sliders, luxury class lenses.

 What’s the best bit about your job?
The best bit about our job is the opportunity to meet cool people of various religious backgrounds, and you never know where our next assignment will take us to…  of course we are hoping to come back to Dubai, just because it’s such an awesome city!

How much do you charge for a wedding?
Our fees start at £3500 all incl and we are based in London, however our work has taken us several times to New York, France, Italy, Dubai, Croatia, The Caribbean, Montenegro, Cyprus and the list is growing.

Check out www.deneemotion.com for more info! Or just email my new friend Denis at Deneemotion – info@deneemotion.com
Have a lovely afternoon everyone. x

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