Introducing E Walls…

This fabulous company have made my job as a wedding stylist, that little bit better. E Walls make stickers for walls, floors and pretty much anything with a smooth or shiny surface. They can customise, design or copy your favorite logo. Lilliam, the design savvy founder of E walls launched 4 years ago and late last year she took the BIG step and got herself an office. She has a small team, and between her and her creative side kick they are transforming walls and floors all over Dubai.
I recently worked with E walls to design tree stickers for a Canadian/ Indian wedding. I don’t normally get the chance to decorate ballrooms as most of my brides opt for outdoor venues, however this bride got married 4 weeks ago, so ya know.. she didn’t really have an option. They did the usually hunting around for venues, and decided on the Sofitel in JBR. With it’s dark wood walls, and mustard yellow leaf print carpet I knew I could do something fun with the space. My bride Katie requested sticks, and most of her mood board images were of outdoor barn weddings in Canada. I felt it was only right to incorporate as much of her Canadian style into her wedding day. So, that’s when I called Lilliam and asked her to design a wall of trees for Katie’s wedding. They were so subtle, but yet a huge difference.
Lilliam also made table number stickers which we used on glass bottles… it made a change from the ever so popular ‘picture frames’. We also had a dance floor sticker too, which are perfect for every wedding as it’s so easy to install and remove. It’s a fab way to add that extra ‘wow factor’ without breaking the bank.
Please check out http://www.ewalls-s.com/ and even if you’re not getting married soon, you can find some super cool stickers for your home or office.
For more info you can email Lilliam lfae@ewalls-s.com

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