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Introducing Furniture Rentals in Dubai

Let me introduce you to one of my new lovely vendors… Furniture Rentals. If you’ve been looking for that classic chiavari chair or lounge seating for your wedding reception, then look no further… this company have a huge variety of sofas, ottomans, chairs and tables that can be rented out for your big day.
I recently met Greg, the owner of Furniture Rentals at his office in Motor City. As I imagined, his office was kitted out with gold plush sofas and acrylic tables. It’s all rather fancy and surprisingly affordable. Greg is also the owner of Maison Des Fleurs and Platinum. You may of seen my blog about Maison Des Fleurs a few weeks ago? If not, check it out here… *Introducing Maison Des Fleurs*

So why rent furniture? Well, that’s easy… hotel chairs are not exactly the prettiest chairs I’ve seen. Have you seen the chairs that hotels offer? (they are so dated it’s not even funny) Why have a boring old chair cover when you can have something pretty like this acrylic chiavari chair or a gold VIP chair? Obviously this adds on to your wedding budget, but something so simple like a chair can really make a big difference.
Furniture Rentals
If you’d like to download visit http://www.furniturerental.ae All the pricing is included too, which makes life that little bit easier  🙂
I hope you all had a wonderful Eid. I’ll be back to my usual blogging activities next week.
Love Mrs C xx

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