Introducing Gourmelicious… ♥

Gourmelicious was founded February, 2012 by two talented sisters, Sara and Soha, cake designers. We come from a family of bakers that have been in this business since 1940’s and have inherited this passion for baking and talent from our grandparents as well as the secrets to our success. We do all sorts of cakes and dessert buffets for any occasion from birthdays, graduations, engagements, weddings and showers. We are highly inspired by interiors, fashion, nature and art.
What makes Gourmelicious special?
We use the freshest organic ingredients in the market. Our cakes are light and fluffy not as dense as other competitors’ cakes. It’s a combination of taste and elegance, which makes us unique. We believe cakes should taste as good as they look.  Adjusting the design and taste of flavors to meet our clients’ needs, we give them the freedom of choice.  A client can ‘mix and match’ flavors to suit their own taste. We have lived in the UAE for more than 20 years and so we have developed a good understanding of the culture and have been inspired by it.

Cakes are full of surprises and happiness, that’s what we love the most… making people happy!
I”ll be meeting Sara & Soha next week for coffee… and maybe cake?! Watch this space girls… lots more coming from these very talented ladies.
For more info go to their Facebook page *here*

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