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I met Kameliya and Menka over coffee in January. We nattered over a skinny latte about working in events, and how the endless of hours of installations and long days some how didn’t matter when you really do enjoy your job. Let me tell you why I like these girls, they both quit their day jobs to do exactly what they love, and It’s exciting, it’s gutsy and not everyone has what it takes to make the big jump. So, despite the Events Factory being a new company, I have every faith that they will no doubt create a wedding or bridal shower… that will blow your socks off. If I didn’t think they were good enough they wouldn’t be on this page right now!
So, let me introduce you to the girls… the gorgeous Menka & Kameliya.

Where are you from and how long have you been in Dubai?
Menka: I’m from India but I was born in Abu-Dhabi and moved to Dubai when I was 1 so all my life basically.
Kameliya: I’m from Bulgaria and I’ve been in Dubai for about 15 years now. Menka and I met at school here, and have been best friends ever since.
Why do you love events?
Menka: I’ve always thrived when I’m under pressure. I work best under pressure and love the adrenaline rush of getting things together on a busy day. I’m also very creatively inclined and love thinking of new ideas, colours, flowers and décor. I’ve worked desk jobs in a bank and then ad agencies but was never in love with my job as there was barely any creativity involved. I like to sit down, brainstorm and stir things up a little. ☺ Also, I’m a complete people’s person and love meeting new people and understanding their requirements.
Kameliya: Every event is so different from one another, and all events are joyous occasions, be it a birthday, a baby shower, a wedding, any event brings happiness and great memories to the people taking part in it. I love being a part of helping create such memories and organizing the event makes me realize how I can turn people’s stress into their greatest experience.
Whats your favorite thing about planning a wedding?
Menka: It’s an extremely important occasion and one of the most important days in the couple’s life. Its extremely precious to be a part of something that big. The smile on the bride’s face along with her families happiness on D day makes it all worth it!
Kameliya: Unlike many office jobs, a wedding planner doesn’t only have to be organized but creative, innovative and always prepared.
Whats your advice for brides-to-be?
Menka: You can never plan enough! Be prepared and plan ahead of time. There’s a treasure of information out there so look through blogs, magazines, articles and videos and pin down exactly what you want. A confused bride is usually stressed and eventually disorganized leaving room for disappointment. Do not blindly follow trends. Do what you want and the way you want it, each wedding is a unique expression of the couples personalities. I also can’t reiterate enough the importance of having a planner. A part of allocating your budget towards hiring a professional team to manage your event and answer all your questions goes a long way. If not, have a friend/cousin/brother etc in charge. Somebody who knows all the vendors, has all the contacts and can run the show on the wedding day while you’re busy getting married!
Kameliya: Like she said…hire an event planner 😉
Whats your one must have at a wedding?
Menka: A support system. A bride or groom constantly needs moral support from their friends and family. Once you have a shoulder to lean on, any last minute catastrophes won’t seem as bad.
Kameliya:  Always have a Plan B 🙂
Whats your favorite Dubai wedding venue?
Menka: Dubai is beautiful and luxurious and I like most wedding venues here but my personal favourite is the Park Hyatt Dubai. We’ve had numerous events at this hotel and love it! I also favour the Jumeirah Emirates Towers.
Kameliya:  I love Al Qasr because it’s such a fantastic venue.

Photos provide by Event Factory.
For more info on the Event Factory please check out their website www.eventfactorydubai.com or drop them an email at menka@eventfactorydubai.com & kameliya@eventfactorydubai.com
Have a lovely weekend my lovelies x x

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