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Hello lovelies…
I have an exciting new company to introduce you to today…  YouGotagift.com, is the first online gift card mall in the Middle East. It’s pretty much a wedding registry but only with money. It’s easy, hassle free you can spend your money anywhere in the world.
‘The digital money wedding registry’s service is tailored specifically to soon-to-be newlyweds, allowing couples to create their own customized registry online and receive contributed funds from their family and friends worldwide in the form of a single LOADnSHOP Prepaid VISA Gift Card’. 
You maybe thinking that this isn’t very ‘personal’ but actually that’s not true. It’s ideal for family and friends living around the globe, and as it’s so easy to ‘LOADnSHOP‘ that it takes all the stress away. It would be perfect for a newly wed couple to splash the cash on a honeymoon, donate to charity or save the cash for future adventures (like having a baby? I hear from my mummy friends that this adventure is not so cheap- but of course totally worth it ;-))

So how does YouGotaGift.com online money registry for weddings work?
Couples can create a gift page on the site with a unique address for their gifts. The page can be customized according to their needs adding their full names, wedding date, picture and a story to share with their guests.
Once the page is created, the soon to be married couple can send the link along with the save the date or hard copy invites – to their family and friends to make their contribution.
Once completing ‘Check Out’ on their page, the couple will receive the credit card, which includes the funds collected from the guests, delivered to their doorstep within 48 hours.

For more info check out www.YouGotaGift.com and have a browse through their website.
Back later… ♥
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