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It's my birthday and I'm 30!

Today I turn 30.
Turning 30 is a hot topic for anyone who’s 29 and just about to leave their ‘late 20s’. I’m not sure why but it is. Maybe it’s the next stage of adulthood? Maybe it means that you’re a real grown up and by now you should probably have your sh*t together? My early 20s were a blur of student style dinners aka beans on toast, stressful university deadlines and failed relationships. I loved studying at University, but not so much the student club scene. I went to fashion school in Rochester, Kent. There isn’t much to do there, and I’m not a fan of shots, cheap beer or bright green cocktails. But I thank my luck that I was focused enough to work my little butt off and get myself a 1st Class degree. It was one of the highlights of my early 20s, followed by moving to Dubai just over 6 years ago. I met Nathan just before my 25th Birthday. He’s been a huge part of my growth, who I am and what I stand for. I can’t imagine life without him.

Today I am 30 and I’m actually ok with it. Right now I’m doing exactly what I love, and that’s styling a wedding for today’s bride and groom, Elaine and Blaise. They are getting married at Desert Palm, so I’ll be spending most of my day there surrounded by flowers, and working with my favourite vendors. Doesn’t sound so bad does it?
When I think about the wonderful things I have in my life I know how lucky I am. I have a beautiful home, I have the best husband EVER and two dogs that will always feel like my first children. I also have my own business, and love what I do. I don’t know many people who actually LOVE their job. Sorry to brag but I actually do. It’s bloody hard work but so worth it. I’m a very lucky gal. I remember Nathan asking me what I wanted for my 30th Birthday last year and I replied with ‘A baby please’. She won’t arriving just yet but I got what I wished for. 🙂

So what will I be doing differently now I’m 30?
Probably nothing to dramatic. Although I have invested in some new face cream. I looked in the mirror last week and was sure I saw the first sign of a wrinkle, so I quickly went out and bought a selection of products from Clarins. I figured investing in my face was important and worth every penny. I’m not sure how I feel about botox or face lifts but maybe I’ll you know when I hit 40 or when I actually have wrinkles.
For now I’m signing off and will return as a fully fledged 30 year old wedding blogger.
Laters my lovelies…

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