It's November! OMG how did that happen?

So it’s November, which is my birthday month. I can’t believe it’s November, where did the past few months go? It also means that Christmas is just around the corner. For anyone who knows me well, they will tell you that I’m Christmas obsessed. I love buying gifts for people, I love wrapping gifts and as you might have guessed I love decorating the house. This year Adeline may enjoy it too. She’s now 1 year and 8 months and is so much fun. I don’t think she’d mind If I dressed her up in snowman outfits or made her wear reindeer ears for the month of December, what do you think?
I’m sorry that the blog has been a little quiet recently. We have so many weddings happening in December and I’m splitting my time between proposals, meetings, and being Mum. I’m very lucky that I can work from home or the local StarbucksĀ (this is where I am right now) so I shouldn’t complain.
So for anyone getting married in November, I hope you have a wonderful wedding. Finally, the weather is cooling down and the Dubai we love is back! Bye bye, hot burning sun, and hello good weather. Oh and hello events season!
I’m going to carry on working on some blogs now and I’ll be back very soon!
P.S For anyone into festive drinks, Starbucks now has the festive cups!! Wahoooo!
Laters lovelies xxx

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