Jill & Nick's Dubai Engagement Shoot ♥

This lovely couple are getting married in February at The Arabian Ranches Golf Club. Hopefully the weather won’t be like it is today; raining and pouring with an overcast of dark grey clouds. This is definitely not your typical Dubai weather. It does however make me feel rather cosy, and right now (it’s 11am) I have my side light on because it’s so dark in my office. I feel like I need to put on a pair of wooly socks and wrap a blanket around my shoulders. Anyway… moving swiftly on.
Jill and Nick spent the afternoon at The Farm with Liz at JvR Photography, followed by a quick trip into the Dubai desert. The desert skies are stunning, and like a pro Liz captured this all on camera.
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Big thanks to Liz at JVR Photography for sharing these beautiful photos. I seriously can’t wait for Jill’s wedding in February. Oh, and did I mention I’m styling it? #Excited!
Have a lovely day everyone, and drive safe in the rain!

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