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Kara + Joelle on camera – Photography by Chloe Lodge.

When you visit www.mylovelywedding.com you’ll see my face to the left and no Kara! #sadface Updating the website has been on our to-do list for so long but we got busy with weddings and it sort of didn’t become a priority until recently. So Kara and I got in front of the camera with the lovely Chloe Lodge for an afternoon of fun in front of the camera. We hate posing, it’s super awkward, unless you’re a hot 6ft model and you’re getting paid to pose I’m not sure anyone really likes posing in front of the camera right? lol.. probably not. We also didn’t want anything too formal either, which is why Chloe was our first choice when we were picking a photographer to capture our silly faces on camera.We wanted to capture ‘us’.
So we spent a few hours hanging out with Chloe and basically just being crazy, fooling around, having a good giggle while Chloe quietly did her thing. And I’m so excited to share some of the pictures with you today. There are a few that won’t make the front page but it goes you an idea of who we are… and why we are so good together. (Working with your best mate definitely has its perks :)) MLW Joelle & Kara_Nov 2017_57MLW Joelle & Kara_Nov 2017_55 MLW Joelle & Kara_Nov 2017_41 MLW Joelle & Kara_Nov 2017_30MLW Joelle & Kara_Nov 2017_20 MLW Joelle & Kara_Nov 2017_82 MLW Joelle & Kara_Nov 2017_72 MLW Joelle & Kara_Nov 2017_71MLW Joelle & Kara_Nov 2017_76MLW Joelle & Kara_Nov 2017_2MLW Joelle & Kara_Nov 2017_45 MLW Joelle & Kara_Nov 2017_48 MLW Joelle & Kara_Nov 2017_36MLW Joelle & Kara_Nov 2017_13 MLW Joelle & Kara_Nov 2017_39 MLW Joelle & Kara_Nov 2017_30 MLW Joelle & Kara_Nov 2017_32 MLW Joelle & Kara_Nov 2017_23 MLW Joelle & Kara_Nov 2017_19
This really is Kara and Jojo. (that’s what my closest friends call me) We are so different in so many ways but we somehow make the perfect duo.
Massive shout out to Chloe for the awesome pictures and my sidekick Kara for being one of the coolest chics I know. Love you dude!
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