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Kenny & Ivy – An engagement shoot with a camel and some florals.

Back in the early September Dubai wedding photographer; Liz and I teamed up to create these beautiful images. I came along to with some styling props to make Kenny and Ivy’s engagement shoot a little bit more lovely. I remember the day well because we were both only about 8 weeks pregnant, and seriously struggling with the heat and feeling tired. I felt worse for Liz because she was the one taking photos and directing. It was a tough afternoon but we managed and as you can see from the images below, she did an amazing job.. as always 😉

Seriously… how much are you loving this camel? I feel like I should use #photobomb and dedicated it to the camel. If you’re also loving the florals then you probably should know my friends at Firenze Flora provided them. #Justsaying.

Liz and I would like to wish Kenny and Ivy all the best, and of course thank them for bearing the heat in the middle of the desert. As I remember clearly it was about 40C at 4pm in the afternoon. Yep… we really do love our jobs! 
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Back soon my lovelies…

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