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Lets talk about Weddings in Dubai.

As you all know we are in the middle of the Coronavirus outbreak and right now (Its March 19th 2020) we are taking it easy, staying at home and all events and weddings have been canceled until the end of the month. My work load sudden decreased with weddings postponed and meetings canceled, so I have decided to blog. I’m also going to be decluttering shelfs, cooking and if my kids aren’t watching I may even get to watch some trashy tv before lunch. Anyway… lets continue.

Katie + Jon – Laughing so hard they actually cried. – Photography by Bernie + Bindi

You may be wondering… how big is my wedding? Is 50 guests small? Is 100 guests small? Good question. With our wonderful industry full of different nationalities and traditions, by ‘Dubai’ standard having less than 100 guests would most likely be considered a small wedding. At My Lovely Wedding we LOVE working with couples who have intimate weddings. Back home in the UK it’s very common to have a wedding of 80-140 guests. Some couples have closer family and friends at the ceremony followed by a wedding breakfast (it’s technically a very late lunch) and invite more guests to the evening reception. It’s a bit different here.

So what does an expat/ destination wedding look like in Dubai?

From my years of experience it would look bit like this. (Give or take a hour here or there)

3.30pm – Guests arrive for an afternoon ceremony with a welcome drink, cool water and fresh chilled towels on arrival.

4pm – The bride enters and walks down the aisle. The ceremony starts and guests tear up. (usually)

4.45pm – Cocktail reception. This is the perfect opportunity for you to greet your guests, have a quick drink and inhale all the love around you. You’ll most likely be whisked away by your photographer for family photos and couple shots. You may also fill the time by serving some delicious canap├ęs and entertainment.

6.30pm – Guests are seated for dinner which may last up to 2 hours depending on your courses. We also love breaking courses up the speeches. Please note that speeches longer than 4-5 minutes are best, unless you’re a professional comedian than maybe you can get away with a little longer.

8.30 – First dance or cake cutting. It really depends on what you prefer, it’s your day… you make the rules!

The rest of the night will be for dancing, drinking, having loads of fun and basically enjoying one the best days of your life!!

For all of you getting married in 2020. my thoughts are with you, and I am keeping every toe and finger crossed that your day will not be effected. Sending hugs your way…

Joelle xx

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