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Life Compositions was founded by Zainab. A photographer with a very bubbly personality, who is a little bit addicted to the book shop in Dubai Mall. After our coffee  last week I left her there and she text me about hour later to say she was stuck in the magazine section.  Two hours later she finally made it home. 🙂 It made me smile.
Zainab specialises in Asian weddings, and as you can see she has quite a flare for them. Her bright and colouful photos show you just what she can do with a pretty bride and a good lens. She’s lovely and I think you will like her…
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zs6gnxNItvdgk089l8j0ET0NtAHqcLXsrf3eVjAnOfQI don’t think I’ve seen such a colouful wedding in a while… isn’t it pretty.
If you would like to know more about Zainab please check out her website http://www.lifecompositions.com/revamp/ Be warned.. it’s VERY colourful. #loveit!!!
Back with more from Zainab soon. xx

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