Lifestyle: 5 Ways to Bust Bride-to-Be Anxiety

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We’re back with our latest edition of bridal lifestyle where we look at all the tips and tricks to help you enjoy your time as a bride-to-be. Yes we all loooooovee weddings needless to say but being a bride is such a fun and special time that we want to make sure you get the most out of it and don’t let it slip away while you are busy with all your planning 🙂
Today I wanted to have a little chat about overwhelm. We all get it. With ever growing budgets, parents to please and so many bits and pieces we want to get just right, it is very easy as a bride to collapse in a heap of anxiety. The day before my wedding I, like a lot of brides, had a little meltdown. I remember being in my Mum’s car with tears – the works and feeling so stressed out and I think what pushed me over the edge was one of my bridesmaids having the wrong nail colour – I mean really?!
So with this in mind, I wanted to share my top five tips for busting that anxiety so you can be a cool and calm (ish!) bridey…
1. Write it out
Lists are a huge favourite of mine. As soon as I write it all down it’s not so scary and I realise I can break it down into manageable sections. Also, I don’t know about you but as much as I love my Mac there is still something that feels amazing about physically crossing things off in my notebook.
Besides to-do lists, I also find journalling super helpful as a way of getting all the stress out there on paper. Not only is it a release but it’s a place where I can write down all my crazy thoughts and none’s going to judge me. Plus if it’s out there on the paper then it’s taking up unnecessary energy in my mind am I right?
2. Breathe it out…meditation and breath work
Okay, okay I know it’s a bit of a clichĂ© but this is something I swear by when I feel myself getting out of control. I love guided meditations because like a lot of people I am not very good as getting my mind to switch off so listening to someone else’s voice  really helps me to tune out. I personally use (and love!) Deepak Chopra and Oprah’s meditations which you can find here at Chopra Center Meditation. My sister also loves an app called Headspace which you can find on iTunes/Google Play or simply Youtube guided meditations – there’s loads!
Taking a step back to breathe and listen to a meditation really helps me to pause before I act and helps me not to simply spin out of control when things go wrong (which they inevitably they do when planning a wedding let’s be honest!).
3. Talk it out
Whatever problem you have when planning a wedding, chances are someone you know has been through EXACTLY the same thing. It’s very easy to get wrapped up in the chaos of planning a wedding and feeling like you have to/want to do everything all by yourself. Especially if you are OCD like me! This is where we need to talk, talk, talk and believe me noone’s going to think you’re “silly” no matter what the issue.
Delegate things to your family and friends – they would love the chance to help you and even if they can’t actually do anything they will lend a sympathetic ear so you can take a load off, a problem shared  really is a problem halved.
4. Sweat it out
I’ve had anxiety my entire life and it always feels like a build up of nervous energy that needs to escape somehow. I’ve found that one of the best ways to release that negativity is to work my ass off in the gym or go for a long run. Although sometimes I feel like I should be doing “more important” things, getting a good sweat on always clears my mind and it means I can go back to whatever I need to do on an even keel. I’m also always my most creative after a workout so this could be a great time to look at your moodboards or get crafty.
Last but not least…there will be days when it all gets on top of you and that’s okay. I’ve found that on these days the best thing to do is to focus on ONE thing you want to get done. Yes, one and one only. And make it something doable. A lot of the time anxiety comes from procrastination and feeling like you’re not getting anywhere. On days where stress gets the better of you, it is all about feeling like you’re getting something done and it doesn’t matter what that something is. Get your task done and drop it, tomorrow’s another day.
Well there you have it. I hope you find my tips helpful! Have you found any other way to relieve anxiety? We would love to hear what you think 🙂
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