Looking for a DJ for your Dubai wedding?

Afternoon my lovelies,
How are you all today? I’m sure most of you are off work and enjoying the National Day celebrations? It’s all kicking off down in the Marina, and the giant yachts are sailing by with flags and balloons. I have a pretty good view from my balcony. I’m loving the UAE colours right now! 🙂
At the moment my days seem to be flying by, and this month I am helping plan and style three weddings in Dubai.. which are keeping me very busy. It’s not quite the same as planning my own wedding, but I love it all the same. Over the past few weeks I realised that many of the brides I’m working with, or generally in contact with have struggled to find a decent DJ.. I didn’t realsie it was so tricky until I recently went through this process with a bride myself… so I thought I’d share my new contacts with you today.
I recently discovered Audio Tonic, an agency who represent some of Dubai’s coolest DJ’s. Groom-to-be Mark, who recently proposed to Sophia at The Montgomerie is also a DJ, and through his recommendation I discovered a whole bunch of superstar DJ’s.
Audio Tonice - Dubai
I can also recommend Adam Long, the Saxophone player and founder of Sole Agency. He can hook you up with DJ’s, bands and other musical talents from the UAE. He’s a useful contact to have 🙂
Sole Agency
A few tips when booking your DJ…
*Be clear on what music you want to be played. Make a playlist as an example and pick your favorite tunes for those magic moments… like walking down the aisle, your grand entrance and of course your first dance.
*Check what technical equipment they need, and coordinate this with the venue or sound supplier.
*Is there a dress code? This is something you should ask; will the DJ be smartly dressed or need a uniform?
*How long will they play for? Do they charge per hour or per set?
OK my darlings… I’m going to get jump offline and have myself a crafty afternoon. I have some DIY projects to finish for my December weddings, and today feels like a good day to get my hands dirty with white paint and gold glitter.
Happy celebrations everyone…
Mrs C xxx

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