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Love & green apples by Taran Wilkhu

It’s times like this that I really wish I had an engagement shoot. I’m feeling green with envy (see what I did there? hehehe) If you’re wondering why we didn’t, it’s because we were just too busy. It’s a lame excuse but it’s true.
Taran Wilkhu – one of my many talented friends from the UK sent me this engagement shoot a few days ago.. and with a bunch of photos, he also included this….
You know, for me it often depends on the couple themselves on how the shoot and story will turn out. Only recently, I decided to do pre-wedding shoots for the bridal couple, to allow me to (a) get to know the couple (b)  to have little more flexibility and (c) creativity for the shoot. I am not sure how many pregnant engagement shoots you have featured before, but I particularly enjoyed this one, whose wedding I also shot in Wales at the end of September. Love to hear your thoughts on it too, some of the smoochy shots although without the tats were certainly rock and roll! – He just makes me smile 🙂

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The loved up expecting Vietnamese (Tram) /Welsh (Eoin) were both beaming with excitement and Tram in particular was glowing as she approached her 3rd trimester. What was most important for the couple was to keep things relaxed, comfortable, and true to their personal style and taste. They consider themselves to be pretty easy going, deeply in love and carefree so for me it was important to create that same atmosphere for their shoot. Armed with a hamper full of green apples (Tram’s fave snack) and my retro Nissan Pao, I decided on taking the couple to a special place where my wife and I like to go for our Sunday strolls in Syndenham Hill and Dulwich Village in South East London. Combine peaceful country life in rolling valleys of lush green forests only a stone throw away from the bustling city London life and you get the picture. – Taran
Taran Wilkhu Photography
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Photography by the very talented Taran Wilkhu.
If you’re in the UK and are looking for a fabulous photographer, he’s the one you want!

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