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Love in Downtown Dubai | Gul Photography

I love this collection of photos taken by Gul Photography, in Downtown Dubai. It makes a nice change from the classic ‘Dubai wedding photos’ taken on the beach in front of the Burj Al Arab. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Burj Al Arab, and I know that when we all leave this wonderful city,  and retire to our home countries, we will cherish our wedding photos taken in front of this Iconic Dubai building. But right now the Burj Khalifa has just won me over… (Thank you Gul)
Gul Photography Dubai
Downtown Dubai is such a cool place for a photo shoot. Gul has done a fantastic job, and I can’t wait to see more weddings being shot in the Downtown Area. If we can’t have the lush green countryside, and historic manor houses as our our backdrop… then this is the next best thing. Modern, chic and structured. 🙂
Gul Photography Dubai Gul Photography Dubai Gul Photography DubaiGul Photography Dubai Gul Photography Dubai Gul Photography Dubai Gul Photography Dubai Dubai_Bridal_Session_Gul-Photography_17 Dubai_Bridal_Session_Gul-Photography_17 Dubai_Bridal_Session_Gul-Photography_17 Dubai_Bridal_Session_Gul-Photography_17 Dubai_Bridal_Session_Gul-Photography_17For more information on Gul Photography please check out his website www.gul-photography.com or give him a call on 0566520983.
Have a lovely Thursday everyone. I’m off to a three hour meeting now… wahooo! (could you sense my sarcasm? lol)

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