Lovely Flavors to Tickle your Taste buds

Guest blogger ‘Lovely Leena’ ( that’s her official MLW name btw)  is back with another delightful little read…
Love poems, heartfelt sonnets, carved in finger licking gourmalicious chocolate, vanilla, creme brule and so much more :)) Melted, molded, or drizzled on golden domes crafted with an artistic precession, the detail, the poetic verses seem unreal since the conversation is in fact about sweet treats that could rival the Mona Lisa smile on any given day!! But perhaps that’s not really fair as we are talking strictly French chic, French bouquet of flavors, colors bristling with brazen personality 🙂 supreme attitude that only French finesse can radiate!
Dubai wedding
Thinking of having a statement dessert spread on your wedding, bridal shower or engagement party? A stunning gastronomical fanfare, a high octane sort of flavorful ensemble…….Where the aroma and absolute picture of  temptation, drives to throw caution to calorie calculations and take a bite:)) With exotic names, architectural feats made wholly with pastry, chocolate, marzipan, macaroons in magical forms that boast deep purples with silver misting, saffron dipped in gold sparkle  and all totally edible is quite extraordinary. All the creations mastered to complete perfection under the helm of Sabrina, the  charming French lady with the ideas, the talent behind Ines Macaroon. Now at Petrozi in The Dubai Mall. An arrary of delicious mouthfuls so alluring, they could very well overshadow the wedding cake!
Leena Khaliq Afridi @ The Creative Workshop
Hmm this has left me craving a macaroon… and it’s not even lunch time yet. Thanks Lovely Leena 🙂

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