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Make-up by Dee & Dal in Dubai ♥

Last week I met with Dee & Dal, make-up artists who are twins and look like super models. I must admit I was a little worried about doing my make up before I met them, as my skills at a little basic, and they are what you’d call pros. But, I’m happy to report that these girls are two of the nicest people I’ve ever met in Dubai. As soon as I met them I totally forgot about my smudged eye liner and lack of  lip gloss. 😉

Dee & Dal are both vegan, which is impressive as Dubai’s not exactly vegan friendly. They are actively trying to promote animal friendly products by slowly ditching the big brand names we know and love, and using only cruelty free make-up brands. That’s their big dream and I’m all for it! My sister would be happy as she’s also vegan 🙂
The girls have recently been endorsed by Kiss, a cruelty free beauty brand who have some super fancy eye lashes, and very cool false nails. I got some to take home and can’t wait to try them out. I’ll let you know when I attempt to put my lashes on… I’ve only attempted about 3 times in my life and failed. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Kiss might be a winner!

So… you’re probably wondering how much they charge for wedding make up? This is a wedding blog after all! They only charge  AED 2000 for hair & make up for your wedding day, and a trial is only AED 200. That’s pretty amazing as from my own research and from what I’ve heard from other brides, it’s usually more like AED 3000 just for make-up.  (And no, this is not a typo… I doubled check that I didn’t get the prices wrong.. it really is only AED 2000!)

It’s so refreshing to meet people like Dee & Dal.. it makes my job of finding amazing suppliers so much more satisfying.  I think when you love something you do so much, money doesn’t really matter. Well, it sort of does as well as need to make money, but what I’m saying is, they do it because they love it. That’s all.
The girls also offer make-up for nights out and special occasions for AED 800, which would be the perfect treat for a bride-to-be on her hen night!  So, if you’re getting married in Dubai and would like more general info on prices and availability please contact Dee @ 050 2592653 or  Dal @ 050 2547260.  and check out their website www.makeupbydeendal.com 

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