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So today I’m blogging about my lovely friend Nada at Vintage Bloom. I met Nada and her sidekick Hana back in 2012 just after I launched my blog. I knew from the moment I met them that this relationship would blossom into something special. They have been one of my favorite vendors from day one, and we’ve worked on sooo many weddings together. So what’s new and exciting at Vintage Bloom? Well, they have just launched an amazing wedding guide for brides getting married in Dubai. It’s just been published on Arabia Weddings and is definitely worth a read. Oh and MLW is mentioned too! yay!!
Bridal Bouquet by Vintage Bloom in Dubai
Want to know more about Nada… I asked her a few fun questions and here are her answers.
When did you launch VB? 
We launched VB in 2011. It’s been a wonderful journey so far.
Have you always loved flowers? 
Absolutely !!! always had a passion for flowers
Why did you want to open a flower studio? 
I saw there was a gap in the market for specializing in florals for weddings and events.
What’s been the highlight of your VB career so far?
The highlight was when we did the Dubai World Cup for the first time in 2012, that was a great high for us because it was such a big project. There have been many more events but that sticks out as it was the first big thing we did over 3 days.
What advise would you give a bride-to-be looking for wedding flowers?
Please keep a decent budget from the start for the florals. It’s important to be realistic. Do not come to it near the end when you have allocated most of your budget elsewhere. Hire a planner or a stylist even if for the day, it makes a big difference.
Whats your favorite flower?
Ranunculus, it’s soft/romantic and delicate.
What flower you do you hate working with and why?  Lilies .
Contact Hana at Vintage Bloom for more enquires for your lovely wedding.
Email: hana@vintage-bloom.com
Vintage Bloom office: 04 451 5755

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