Meet Nada @ Vintage Bloom ♥

Nada is the floral wonder women behind Vintage Bloom. Inspired by her colouful childhood in Switzerland, she was always surrounded by beautiful flowers, which eventually lead her to opening her very own flower studio. Vintage Bloom ♥
When did you launch Vintage Bloom and why? 
I started Vintage Bloom because I felt the flowers shops got very comfortable and passive with what they did.   There generally isn’t much of a push to innovate or come up with fresh new ideas from the typical florists.  Instead of becoming just another flower shop, Vintage Bloom is unique because it is a floral studio.  Vintage Bloom fills a niche in the market where the design, creativity, and set up of the event is also done in conjunctions with providing the flowers. Our focus is primarily on weddings and events however we do deliver daily gorgeous bouquets daily!  This all falls within a price point that is affordable and works with in your budget. Just that simple… well priced good quality flowers always!!

Have you always been a florist?
I have always loved being amongst flowers. Growing up in Switzerland, I was always surrounded by beautiful flowers ., specially in the spring and summer months.

What makes you different to the other florists in Dubai?
Whether you are throwing a huge wedding or just a small dinner, we welcome all requests.  Creativity is what we thrive on! We create with the same passion for all our clients only using very top quality flowers.  We do our best to make sure each of our arrangements has some unique floral elements in it just for you!

What’s the best bit about decorating weddings?
We love doing weddings. It is absolutely satisfying and worth all the hard work when you see the wedding come to life!  Its just a delight to make a super special backdrop for the couple on their special day as the memories and photographs will always be cherished

As a floral studio, we offer classes to unleash the florist in you!  No experience required just love for flowers!
This bright and bold party themed set up was created by Vintage Bloom and it’s absolutely gorgeous! I’m pretty sure this would cheer anyone up on a grey day.
For a browse of Vintage Bloom’s past weddings and floral masterpieces please check their brand new website www.vintage-bloom.com 

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