Monday Ramblings & Dog Photos

Hey Lovelies,
I’m so sorry I’ve been a quiet on the blog recently, I can’t reveal my secret just yet but I will spill the beans in the next few weeks. I’ve just realised that my quiet summer is just about over. I’ve got  lots going on over the next few months including several styled shoots, a bunch of lovely weddings, a couple of baby showers and even a few corporate events. When I say corporate events, what I really mean is really pretty corporate events. If you know me even a smidgen, you’ll know I’m anything but corporate. I use far too many smiley faces in emails and find it hard not to gush about weddings, flowers and general decor in every other meeting I have. Numbers, profits and ??? Er… yeah ok I have a company bank account and I use Quickbooks to manage my accounts but that’s it. It covers the basics right?
Anyway, so I thought I’d use today to ramble about nothing in particular. Sometimes rambling can be fun especially when you have writers block. I think I have a mild case of writers block. I just don’t feel like blogging, but I think that’s because I have an admin list the length of my arm. The thought of spending 3 hours putting together my latest submission is making me yawn. I’m sorry… tomorrow I will be better. Promise.
So I can’t leave you with nothing… will a few fun pictures of my precious pooches do the trick?
This is Charlie, she’s a Miniature Pinscher/ pug mix and her brother Ferguson (the chubbier one) is a Puggle. (A Beagle/ Pug mix) We adopted Ferguson from K9 Friends last year and from day one we knew he was our dog. So for any dog loving brides-to-be out there reading this now, this blog is for you….
My Lovely Dogs - Puggle in Dubai My Lovely Dogs - Puggle in Dubai My Lovely Dogs - Puggle in Dubai My Lovely Dogs - Puggle in Dubai My Lovely Dogs - Puggle in Dubai
Photos from my Iphone. 🙂
And yes… they are best friends. Always together, playing, fighting, snuggling… it really is very cute. 🙂
Back with something more wedding related soon!

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