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Mother of the Bride….

Hi Guys,
Hope you all had a lovely weekend? This mornings post is a little different, it’s by my Mum… the MOB. I know some of you are planning your wedding without your family around, and I know how hard that can be. I asked my mum to write a little piece about how she was feeling… I guess some of us are all in the same boat right?!
Over to the Mother of the Bride
When Joelle announced her engagement to Nathan I was ‘over the moon!” Since they had met I sensed that this relationship was different from those she had experienced previously. Even from the early stages, there was a sense of harmony and commitment between them, and, most of importantly of all, happiness. Parents, (mother’s in particular) tend to sense these things, So, to hear Joelle was engaged came as no surprise. She was happier and more content than I had ever known her.
My next thought, probably like all “Mother’s of the Bride’ was “What do I wear!” I knew that my outfit had to be stunning and stylish. I had to look the best I possibly could so I would feel confidant at her wedding. I wanted to make her proud of me.
Eventually, I found my outfit; a deep fuchsia lacy dress and jacket. I felt wonderful wearing it, and knew if I didn’t buy it I would always have regrets; nothing could be more perfect for my colouring, size and shape. It was more expensive than I had hoped, but worth every penny to know that I look and feel amazing wearing it.
Since watching the film “Four Weddings and a Funeral” I had always wanted a hat with a very large brim. One of the reasons is that I can pull it down over my eyes so that when I cry (as I know I will) I can hide my face! The hat was actually the hardest part of my outfit to find. I was overjoyed when I found it, in a sale. It’s black and goes beautifully with my dress .I have found silk flowers, in fuchsia pink and cream, to attach to the brim. I am now ready.
Living in the UK means I have not been able to take such an active part in organizing Joelle and Nathan’s wedding. At times I have felt rather sad about this. However, these days we have skype, email and phone, and she has discussed her thoughts, plans and ideas with me, and I, in turn have given her my opinions and support. This has helped me feel part of it.
Going to London with her, and her sister, to find her vintage lace wedding dress was a wonderful way of being involved. We all had such a fabulous day, and found the perfect dress for her. She is also wearing a broach of my mother’s at their ceremony. This is part of the traditional phrase to wear “Something borrowed, something new, something blue.” I’ve told her I will find something blue for her, and was thinking of a lace handkerchief, as she might cry too! I’ve also dried (in my de-hydrating machine) lots and lots of scented rose petals from our large garden to scatter at the wedding. They are in small packets and I intend to give to my new relatives, particularly the children, a packet each.
So, although being “Mother of the Bride” at a distance does have it’s drawbacks I feel I can, and do, contribute to her wedding. Wherever I lived I know I would still feel the same excitement. Her happiness is my only concern, and this special day, to me, is a way of celebrating the love she and Nathan share. It is not only a great pleasure to be with her at her wedding, it is an honour.
Big thanks to Mum for sharing her thoughts. I miss my Mum, and my Step Mum but I’m grateful for technology 😉 If you have any stories you’d like to share, please send them my way. I’d love to hear from you.
Back soon..
Love & hugs,
Joelle x

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