My attempt at shabby chic *Part 1*

This weekend I’ve been getting my hands dirty, well white, not really dirty. Over 2 days I’ve painted my easel that I bought from Dragon Mart, and my new office accessories that I bought at Ikea. I’m in the process of giving them the shabby chic effect, and I must admit It’s taking me a little longer than I expected.
This is what I did…

Make sure you put down some newspaper to catch the drips. I’m a messy painter so I was well prepared.

Try not to let your dog lick the paint… (How cute is Charlie with paint on her face?)

And after a day of drying, I came back with a grey paint and added a light coat with a cloth. After this coat, I then painted a thin coat of white over the top.

So the final part of this process is going to be sanding down the paint and giving it a ‘worn in’ effect. The grey colour will show through after I have sanded it down. I was planning to do this today but I’m sick, really sick. I’m off to the doctors this afternoon, so hopefully with a little bit of medicine I should be on my feet again tomorrow.  🙁 So, you’ll have to wait a little longer to see the final product! Sorry my lovelies!
Have a lovely Sunday everyone…
hugs & love, Joelle x

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