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Hello my lovelies,
Everyone having a nice week so far? For all my British readers… happy pancake day!! He he!I thought break up the afternoon with a bit of DIY, and take you back a few weeks to the day I packed 70 favor bags. I did have some help from my friend Nikki, and it’s a good job I did because pouring maple syrup into mini jars is a little bit messy.
I should actually thank my Mum, it was her idea to have a favor bag that was half British and half Canadian. Maple syrup was the obvious choice for the Canadian bit and here in  Dubai it can be quite expensive to buy the real stuff so I thought people would appreciate it. The British bit was little bags of Fudge, and this came all the way from Cheddar in Somerset, where I grew up. You really can’t get more personal than that can you?

The favor bags came from Dragon Mart and the other little details are designed by Ritu @ Creative Box. She helped me create something cute, but with a preofessional look.
So here’s what I did… 

  • I bought the brown kraft bags from Dragon Mart in Dubai.
  • I removed the brown shoe lace type string and replace with a more rustic looking string from Ace hardware. (This was VERY time consuming)
  • I then added little ‘with love’ tags to each bag. I used a stamp for this, and the tags were bought online from the UK.

Scroll down for the next step… 

 The next step…
  • I filled each jar with syrup with real Canadian maple syrup. I forgot to mention that nathan’s family brought over 6 jugs with them on the plane. I got the jars from Lakeland in MOE.
  • When each jar was full we then added the paper top and tied it with string.
  • My mum brought the fudge over in slabs so I had to cut the fudge into little squares. I don’t have a picture of this but I can tell you it was fun.. and I was nibbling away while working.
  • I then packed the fudge into clear bags and used the fudge labels made by Creative Box to seal them.
It really was time consuming, but totally worth it. If you are going to do something like this then I suggest doing it after work on or weekend, at little bits at a time. It makes it more fun and less like a chore!

Seriously.. how cute are these? And I’m so happy I used Creative Box to print out the stickers and labels, it just gives the whole thing a more put together finish.
I’ve got sooo many more favors ideas that I’ll be sharing with you over the next few weeks… so if maple syrup isn’t really your thing then watch this space… ♥

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