My DIY marshmallow snowmen…

Hello my lovelies,
I’m so sorry it’s late today. I’ve been running around in meetings all day, as well as trying to pick up a few last minute items for the wedding. I can’t believe it’s already 5.30pm!
Anyway, I’m dedicating this blog to my lovely mother-in-law who asked me by email how to make my marshmallow snowmen. I thought it would be fun to share this with you too…
Things you need…

  • Marshmallows for the body
  • Hersheys kisses for the hat
  • Mini m&m’s or mini skittles for the buttons
  • Chocolate sticks or you can use a pretzel stick for the arms
  • Strawberry sour laces or Fruit by the foot (the red roll) for the scarf
  • Large wood cocktail sticks to hold it all together

First put 3 marshmallows on the stick… (so simple it’s silly)

Then pierce the chocolate stick through the middle marshmallow at the back to create arms…

Then add the buttons, just push them inside the marshmallow and they will pop out a little bit after a few seconds. They will stay because the marshmallow is sticky inside.

Then add the red sour lace to create a scarf (this is my fav bit)

Then add one chocolate kiss to the top of the stick (the sharp end) and slowly press it on.. and now he has a very cute hat!

Then melt 2 chocolate kisses in the microwave for 30 seconds. Be careful you don’t burn yourself like I did lol.

Then use another stick to draw the face.

And there we have it, a couple of snowmen which look good enough to eat 😉

Back tomorrow with more wedding loveliness… x x x
All photos by Joelle @ My Lovely Wedding.

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